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Download Opera 10 – versiunea RC2 a fost lansata

Nici bine nu a fost lansata versiunea Opera 10 RC1 ca a si iesit versiunea Opera 10 RC2,aceasta noua versiune vine cu inbunatatiri majore si bug-uri reparate.


Mai jos aveti o lista cu inbunatatirile aduse acestei noi versiuni

User Interface

  • Native skin fixes
  • Several fixes to strings that don’t fit
  • Reload Image is ignored after unfinished image load
  • Deleting Speed Dials aren’t synced
  • Crash on exit after deleting private data
  • Crash in address bar dropdown
  • Sychronize Opera” button in Speed Dial is not working
  • Crash when downloading spelling checker languages


  • Fixed high CPU on HTML5 spec page
  • Using keys in match expressions causes crash
  • Blocking content that is added as an iframe src using JavaScript causes page to never stop loading
  • Opera claims collapsed selection isn’t collapsed – causes emoticon deletion in Gmail: Bad selection values in scripts when selection is the caret in documentedit
  • Crash when saving a picture that has not been fully downloaded
  • Several images redirected to same URL can cause NSL
  • Upgrading Opera from 9.64 to 10, widgets connecting to the Internet get network problems on first run, works after reload


  • Improved 8-bit icons, added 4-bit icons, PNG compressed bigger icons, lower quality icons for mail and chat
  • Context menu height calculations off, causing „more items…” to show

Pentru a descarca Opera 10 RC2 dati click pe DOWNLOAD

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